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Make the precious gift personal: engrave the dearest names or dates for special occasions such as graduation, wedding, anniversary, birthday...

You can choose any pen to be customized: engraving can be made on the cap near the clip, or on the pen body. The materials that can be engraved are silver (only two guilloche patterns cannot be personalized due to nature of those patterns, please see the description of the pens to find out if they can be personalized), horn, acrylic resin, wood, lacquer. In case of horn, resin and wood the incised symbols will be filled with the contrast color. In case of black lacquer parts the incised symbols will be the color of the brass which is the base metal of those parts.

Please note that the final incision result may vary depending on the guillochè pattern or material of the chosen pen. Pens are manually engraved with the pantograph in italic or roman font (please choose).

You can write 2 lines with maximum 18 symbols each line including spaces and punctuation marks. The above shown price indicates the cost of 1 line. If you wish to engrave 2 lines, please add 2 pieces as quantity.

Please add max. 5 day for engraving to the regular shipping time. It's possible that your engraving will be made in less than 5 days but to avoid any delay we kindly ask you to consider 5 days time.