Sealing Set with Big Sealing Heather

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To sign your letters or for your wedding invitations. Set composed by wooden seal, two stick of sealing wax and a great glass wax heater. To produce the wax we use natural resins and pigments, our wax is easy to use. With a stick of sealing wax you can make about 20 seals. To melt the wax we created a refined wax heater.

Pure wax seal of extra-fine quality. 13 cm / 5.11 in; Weight 35g


  • Materials: Bronze / Mahogany
  • Seal Wax: 2*13 cm / 20 seal
  • Seal design: Coursive, Double Initial, Ghotic or Simbols,
  • Dimension of Seal: 22mm diamter
  • Packaging: Gift box
  • Length: 24 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Weight: 380 gr

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy.

Handmade in Italy 100% guaranteed. These creations, conceived by professional artists, are produced for you in the Italian factory using precious and everlasting materials.