Roma Memo Pad Holder

Silver Grey


This Memo Pad Holder is made of Recycled Leather and comes with a memo pad made of recycled paper. The cover has a cutout with a colorful insert added in an accenting color. Easily refillable with any B7 size memo pad.

This item is available in 6 colors: Red with orange insert, Orange with red insert, Lime with yellow insert, Yellow with lime insert, Dark brown with cognac insert, Cognac with dark brown insert.

Our Recycled Leather Collection is designed and assembled in the USA from imported Italian recycled leather. This material is created by first collecting remnants of fine Italian leather from artisan work shops. These scraps are then shredded, mixed with natural rubber, and pressed into sheets. The new material is finished with a coating for color and protection. The final recycled material averages 80% genuine Italian leather.

Size: 3.5 x 5.5 in. (9 x 14 cm)