Barrique Fountain Pen - LIMITED EDITION!

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This fountain pen was born as a result of collaboration of the finest Italian pen artisans and jewelers. The fountain pen is hand-turned out of solid oak barriques where famous Italian wine was kept. The solid silver 925 fitting parts are designed to repeat the barrique hoops. The middle ring is decorated with vine and Latin motto Nulla die sine linea ("Not a day without a line drawn") - all these details help us to create an elegant writing instrument of high value and full of artistic meaning. This is a perfect pen for Italy lovers and wine lovers, and - Italian wine lovers!

"Nulla dies sine linea" (No day [should go by] without [reading / writing at least] a line) .The saying attributed to Apelles, a renowned painter of ancient Greece, refers to the painter's diligence at practising his art every day: Nulla dies sine linea - "Not a day without a line drawn." Apelles was also reportedlyasked why he touched and retouched his paintings so continually, trying to achieve perfection (at least in his own mind); to which he replied, "I paint for eternity."

You are assured to buy a truly precious writing instrument as the manufacturing company belongs to the Italian silversmith guild and complies with both Italian and European laws. This compliance is verified by a mark on each writing instrument - a rhombus shaped stamp with *AO 28, and oval stamp 925 which ensure that the pen is made of solid 925 silver.

The fountain pen is equipped with double refill system - both converter and cartridges can be used. The pen is delivered with pumping converter inside and international standard cartridges can be bought in stationery shops all over the world.

The fountain pen is enhanced with a rhodium-plated steel nib, Medium size. Other (Fine, Extra Fine, Broad and very Broad) nib sizes are available on request without any charge. Please note that the nib may be adorned with a variable pattern (not the griffins) depending on the availability. Solid gold nibs are available - please contact us for price and details.

The pen is also available in roller version.

This pen can be personalized. Please see the details here.

The fountain pen will be shipped in the made-in-Italy pen gift box with the authentic origin certificate. Please allow about 14 business days for your handmade pen to be delivered from Italy to your door.

Cap & Body Solid barrique oak wood, sterling (925) silver grip
Fitting parts Sterling silver plated
Refilling system Converter and International standard cartridges
Country of origin Aosta Valley, Italy
Dimensions Length 5.5" (140 mm) Diameter Max 5/8" (16 mm)
Weight 1.3 oz. (36 gr)